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1 June 2015 – Bonn Climate Change Conference June 2015

At the June sessions, the series of technical expert meetings (TEMs) begun in 2014 will continue, assisting Parties in identifying policy options, practices and technologies with high mitigation potential. The two topics in June are renewable energy supply and energy efficiency in urban environments. An updated technical paper compiles information on thematic areas with high mitigation potential examined at the TEMs held in June and October 2014.

It contains the main text and four thematic addenda, with information on unlocking potential to raise pre-2020 mitigation ambition inland useurban environmentscarbon capture, use and storage and non-CO2 GHG emissions.
In conjunction with the technical expert meetings, the secretariat organizes a Climate Action Fair to showcase examples of (1) pre-2020 action related to the technical expert meeting topics and (2) actions by non-state actors to address climate change. Full details on the TEMs available here.

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