Local Partnerships for Greener Cities and Regions
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The Green Partnerships Step-by-Step Guide

This guide is developed to simplify the identification, development and implementation of RES and EE projects for better impact in local environments. It cannot and does not foresee every eventuality; it aims to present a coherent process and planning logics, defines crucial milestones in the process that need to be elaborated and methods and principles on how to do it. The main message of the Green Partnerships Approach is participatory / co-development approach supporting the argument that when addressing a horizontal theme such as RES and EE in local communities that affect stakeholders, their involvement must be a part of the whole process. How to make the most of this approach is the content of this Step by Step Guide.

(From Green Partnerships’ Step-By-Step Guide, page 10).

Download Green Partnerships’ Step-by-step Guide (PDF)