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15 April 2015 – JRC report: Energy renovation is instrumental for reaching the EU 2020 goals

Energy renovation has implications for growth and jobs, energy and climate and cohesion policies, a new report from the EC’s Joint Research Centre concludes. Renovating existing buildings is a ‘win-win’ option for the EU economy. The report explains that, in 2011, specialised construction activities that include renovation work and energy retrofits employed three times as many people as energy supply to meet the needs of buildings for the same value added. The phasing-out of inefficient buildings from the European building stock requires an EU renovation plan, the report concludes. To be successful, this plan should incorporate the existing EU policy frameworks for growth and jobs, energy and climate and those related to cohesion policies into one single framework targeting the modernisation of the overall value chain of the building sector.
The report can be downloaded here

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