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11 March 2015 – Five charts showing the EU’s surprising progress on renewable energy

Renewables provided 15% of the EU’s energy in 2013, according to new data published on 10 March by Eurostat, the EU’s official statistical body.

The figures show the EU is on track to meet its 20% renewables target in 2020. Transport and heat are lagging behind progress in electricity, where wind and solar remain relatively small contributors. The figures also show that the UK is further behind its 2020 renewable energy target than all other member states.

Carbon Brief breaks down the figures to show how the EU is progressing towards its 2020 target, which sectors are going green and where it’s getting renewable energy from.

Member state performance

Under the headline 20% by 2020 EU renewables target, each member state has its own goal. These were set in early 2008 and reflectedprogress at the time, capacity to add further renewable energy by 2020 and relative wealth. The sum of national targets adds up to the overall 20% goal.

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