Local Partnerships for Greener Cities and Regions
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20 May 2015 (Maribor, Slovenia) – Final Conference of the Green Partnerships Project

The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia – Institute for Agriculture and Forestry Maribor – as the Lead Partner of the Green Partnerships project – Local Partnerships for Greener Cities and Regions–, has undertaken an ambitious task to improve the implementation of local public policies so as to utilize the potential of local renewable energy resources and thus improve the energy efficiency of regions and towns.

We kindly invite you to the Final Conference event of the Green Partnerships Project, to exchange experience, know-how and competences that can help local communities and territorial authorities in planning and implementing Local Energy Strategies.

At this event, partners from 11 Mediterranean cities will present the Step by Step Guide, one of the key results of the project especially developed to help implement individual projects defined in the Local Energy Strategy documents. Project partners will also share their experience and know-how used and upgraded in the implementation of Pilot Cases in every participating country.





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